I Got A Job. A Real Job. With Direct Deposit And Everything.

So here’s a bit of news:

Starting next week, I’ll be the Online Community 216516964_40b66d5e15_zEditor for Family Tree Magazine. You can read the press release below. To say I’m excited would be a gross understatement. If you think a career change is impossible, I’m here to tell you it isn’t.

I’ll still be blogging here, of course. But now I’ll get to do even more genealogy stuff, and talk with even more genealogists. It’ll be dead people around the clock up in here.

Did I mention I’m excited?


Family Tree Magazine Welcomes Kerry Scott as Online Editor

Family Tree Magazine, America’s No. 1 genealogy how-to magazine, is pleased to announce the addition of Kerry Scott to its team.

She’ll be the magazine’s new online editor, focusing on Family Tree University online classes, webinars and digital products.

Scott brings to the team her experience as a genealogy researcher, active member of the genealogy blogging community (she blogs at Clue Wagon), and human resources executive.

“This position gives me the opportunity to connect with and share great content with other researchers,” Scott says. “I’m especially excited about growing Family Tree University, which is such a great resource for the genealogical community.”

The Milwaukee, Wis., resident and mom of two has loved family history since childhood. “My favorite ancestor is my Uncle Fred, who was my second-great-grandfather’s brother. He was an attorney, politician and judge who left behind a mountain of paperwork. How can you not love a guy like that?”

Not all of her ancestors left so many records—a situation familiar to most genealogists. “The genealogical skill I’m most proud of is my ability to stick to a search until I hit pay dirt,” Kerry says. “I’ve been known to walk through every grave in every cemetery in an entire county, or search an entire big city in a particular census year until I found the family I needed. I don’t give up easily.”

About Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine, America’s No. 1 family history magazine, is part of the Genealogy Community at F+W Media, Inc., which also encompasses Family Tree University online courses and webinars; the Family Tree Books imprint; and ShopFamilyTree.com. These publications and products are devoted to providing engaging, easy-to-understand instruction that makes genealogy a hobby anyone can do.

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