84144527_15553b85ab_oMan, I’m swamped. My new job is awesome, but there’s lots to do. That combined with the fall activities that go along with having young kids have kept me away from the blog (and the email, and the social media, and the laundry…).

One thing I’m working on is a webinar for genealogists who want to learn how to use Google+. I’ve never done a webinar before, so this is exciting. It’s going to be cool, because aside from the webinar, you get a month of one-on-one tech support on Google+ from me if you sign up. Check it out.

Another thing I did is an interview for Jennifer Shoer at The Scrappy Genealogist. This week she’s asking genealogists who are parents of young kids to tell how they balance all of their work, family, and genealogy stuff. I balance it mostly by being behind all the time, but you can read all about it here. It’s probably way more than you wanted to know. I promise I will shower every single day at RootsTech.

Photo by Slideshow Bruce

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