I Am Rhoda. Hear Me Roar.

Kerry and RhodaSo here’s an interesting thing:

I’m on the ballot for the board of directors of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).

And here’s an even more interesting thing:

I told four people about this. Three of them immediately said the same thing: “Are you going to delete that one blog post then?”

No. No I’m not. In fact, if you’re here because you saw my name on the ballot, let me save you the trouble of searching for it. Click here. See? There it is. That’s the post I wrote that people think will keep me off of the APG board.

Now, those people may be right. But you know what? I wrote that post. I am the sort of person who frequently uses humor to make a point, and the points I’m making in that post are…well, pretty clear, I think. If you don’t want someone like that on the APG board, don’t vote for me. I’m cool with that.

I figured out by third grade that I’m a Rhoda, not a Mary. I spent 14 years in HR, where I learned that you should never pretend you’re a Mary to get a job, because you’re never going to be able to keep that whole pretending thing going indefinitely. If the group you’re trying to join doesn’t want what you have to offer, not getting the job is a good thing. It means you’ve just saved yourself and everyone else a whole bunch of grief.

One of the great things about having a blog is that no one will ever pick me for any job without knowing exactly who I am. There’s absolutely no guesswork involved. It’s all right here. If it’s not your cup of tea, that’s totally fine. There are other excellent candidates to choose from.

But deleting a post to get elected? Nope. Rhoda would never do that, and neither would I.

Note: If you don’t know who Mary, Rhoda or Phyllis are, you need to correct that immediately. Start here (Yes! On Wikipedia! I use Wikipedia! O the horror!). Then go here to watch some episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. You’ll thank me later.

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