Guest Post from a Real Pilgrim

3393856622_fed414a621_zWell, not a real pilgrim. This is a guest post from my first grader, who had an exercise at school yesterday in which she had to write a pretend diary as a Mayflower passenger named Sarah Eaton. My little future genealogist made sure to come home and tell me her specific Mayflower Lady name, because she said she knew that I know all of those olden days people.

The underlined parts are the ones she had to write herself. I think she has some real insight into not only the Mayflower journey, but also the air travel that I’m sure many of you are experiencing this weekend.

September 6, 1620—Day 1

We are off! I feel scared because the people on the boat is weird.

September 15, 1620—Day 10

Today we took a nap and I found [a] crack in the wall.

October 1, 1620—Day 26

It is the first day of October! We are feeling sick and tired.

October 15, 1620—Day 40

On the boat it looks awful on board.

October 25, 1620—Day 50

The pilgrims are hungry.

November 9, 1620—Day 67

We have arrived! We feel very excited I am too because I did not like that boat.

My little Pretend Sarah Eaton and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping the people on your boat are not weird.

Photo by Vladisav Vezrukov

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