Should You Be Able to Claim Someone Else’s Dead Kid On Your Taxes?

iStock_000017797441SmallI’ve done a lot of things in the 3+ years since I’ve started this blog. I’ve dropped f-bombs, stomped off, stomped back, and talked way too much about boobs (both the figurative and literal ones). I’ve done all sorts of things to piss people off.

One thing I’ve never done, though, is talk politics. Even someone as mouthy as I am knows that politics are tricky, and that you should avoid talking about them. That’s why I never tell you that you should sign this petition or boycott that store or whatnot. I get annoyed when people are constantly telling me what I should think or how I should vote or when to call my congressman (who, incidentally, is a boob). The internet has enough of that stuff already.

So the fact that I’m about to tell you that you need to go and sign this petition right now is a clue that this is a big deal. I wouldn’t be going there if I didn’t think it was really, really important.

Here’s the deal:

People have been using the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) to harvest Social Security numbers of dead children to claim them on their taxes. This is disgusting, and the IRS has the tools and technology to stop it right now. We need to demand that they do so.

There’s an easy and harmless way to ensure that this never happens again. I cannot imagine why we need 25,000 electronic signatures to do something so basic and obvious, but we do. Please sign the petition, and demand that the IRS use the tools they already have to put a stop to this.

We owe it to families who have been through this to ensure that this never happens again. This is an easy fix. Let’s fix it.

Note: In an ironic twist, the petition-signing site is wonky. If you have trouble, register yourself, then close your browser and re-open it, and THEN sign the petition. My next political post may well be one that asks the White House to please get a website that works.

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