Today’s the day. The 1940 census was released was released a minute ago.

You know what I’m not working on today? That.

Not tomorrow either. Not the next day, or the day after. Probably not until…like, August. By then, hopefully, some of my states will be indexed by awesome volunteers. If you’re an awesome volunteer, and you’re scratching your head and saying, “Gee, which state should I index first?” I have a suggestion: Minnesota. Minnesota is an excellent state. It’s full of people with names like Nelson. Nelson is easy to read and easy to type. Minnesota is where it’s at, indexers. You won’t be sorry.

There’s a lot going on here at Clue Wagon Worldwide Headquarters, and it’s leaving zero time for genealogy. Or showering. Plus, I’m not the sort of person who rushes in a crowd to be first. I’m the sort of person who goes to Target or the grocery store when everyone else is at church or watching the Packer game, so I can avoid the rush. I hate the rush. Mostly, though, I just don’t have time. This is like that one time when Y2K happened and I had the stomach flu. I missed all the fun.

So I’m curious. Am I the only one who is sad because she can’t frolicCrying Woman through 1940 this week? Anybody else having to skip it to focus on 2012 stuff?


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