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5298151724_015038426c_zWhere the hell have you been?

Well, lots of places. Sometimes real life says, “Sorry, hon, you’re not going to be blogging for a while. Here’s a whole bunch of major stuff to deal with instead.” 2012 has been one of those times. Also, I moved from Milwaukee to Albuquerque a few weeks ago. So I was busy westward ho-ing, and now I’m busy unpacking and trying to get the phone company to give me a working phone line, plus other stuff. So blogging hasn’t made the cut for a while. Sorry about that.

So are you going to start blogging again?

Yeah. As soon as I’m done brawling with the phone company.

I heard you moved to Albuquerque. How do you like it?

Well, I’ve mostly been inside because it’s approximately 1,000 degrees outside, and I am a Norwegian from Minnesota—built for cold. Also, I got whooping cough three days after we arrived (seriously). So that sucked. But I’m sure once the temperature drops a bit and/or I am no longer doing shots of codeine syrup, I’ll like it a lot. It’s very pretty, and the people are nice. They drive like Californians, but once they’re out of their cars, they’re great. Also, there’s a lot of cool historical stuff here, and I can’t wait to get out and see it.

Can I buy a text ad on your blog for my spammy online degree mill?

No. Just like I said the last three times you asked.

Would you like to review these crushingly expensive temporary tattoos/dog biscuits/Justin Bieber toothbrushes for your readers? I’m sure they would love to hear about them!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that genealogists love Justin Bieber, tattoos, and well-fed dogs. Unfortunately, I only work for money (or cough medicine). I can’t provide any free advertising for you. That said, I googled that Justin Bieber kid, and he certainly does have clean teeth. I bet those toothbrushes will sell like hotcakes.

How come you never comment on my blog?

Well, for one thing, I’ve been busy westward ho-ing. And coughing. Also, your blog has that CAPTCHA thing on it, which means I can’t comment because it takes 77 clicks and screens and then it freezes (especially if you’re in Reeder on an iPad). I got tired of typing long comments and then losing them. So I gave up.

Why aren’t you following me back on Twitter?

It could be because your account is protected. I don’t follow back if the account is protected, because I figure it’s protected because you don’t want people to see it, and I’m people. It could also be because you have no bio, no picture, no tweets, no nothing…so I can’t tell if you’re a human or a spambot. Or it could be because you have a lot of extreme political or religious stuff on your Twitter feed, and that’s not my cup of tea. If none of these apply, it’s probably because I meant to follow back, but started coughing or unpacking and forgot. Send me an @ message and I’ll fix it.

Did you see the latest outrage on Facebook? They [insert terrible horrible thing Facebook did to invade your privacy]. You should blog about this so people know.

Yes. I did see it. Here’s the thing, though: The biggest danger to your privacy on Facebook isn’t Facebook. It’s your goofy friends. Like, you’ll take your date of birth off  of your profile, because maybe telling the whole world your date of birth seems unwise to you. Then your birthday rolls around, and a bunch of people will wish you a happy birthday on Facebook anyway, because they’re too busy making sure they get full credit for marking your birthday to notice that your birthday isn’t actually on Facebook. Or you’ll say, “My kid did such-and-such” (carefully avoiding saying the name of the kid, because you’re sending this out to a wider group), and then they’ll respond with, “Way to go, Mary Jane Smith!” (full name of kid), not realizing that there might actually be a reason you didn’t refer to the kid by name. Or they’re sending you eleventy app requests that are going to suck all kinds of personal info from you and all of your friends. Those are your Facebook privacy issues, folks. Facebook’s privacy settings are way easier to control than your friends.

I have a job hunting question. [Blah Blah Blah Scenario Scenario Scenario Scenario Question]

The job hunting posts that you are reading on this blog are from the decade before this one. I left HR in 2008. It’s 2012 now. My job hunting advice is as stale as day-old bread in Albuquerque. (Seriously, people, you can’t believe how fast stuff dries here. I don’t even dry the kids off after baths. I’m just like, “Go run around for 11 seconds,” and boom. They’re dry. Like the bread.). If you want job hunting advice, you should go to Alison Green or Suzanne Lucas. That said, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if women can wear pants to a job interview, I could afford to send myself to therapy to get over my sadness that people are still googling whether they can wear pants to interviews. Can we leave that question in the last decade? Please??

Can you help me find this ancestor?

Not right now. I’m stoned on codeine, and my genealogy books are still packed anyway. But you can find a professional genealogist, or take some classes and learn to find your ancestor yourself. (Disclaimer: Nobody paid me to say this. If they did, I’d just blow the money on more cough medicine anyway. Whooping cough lasts six weeks. I have two weeks to go. Stop judging me.)

What’s your position on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

Ummmm, no. Just no.

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