The Best Kept Secret in Genealogy

iStock_000001267484SmallPssst. Sit still. I need to tell you something.

There’s an awesome genealogy conference this fall, and you probably don’t know about it. Too bad you’re cluefree, because you’re missing out.

Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • You don’t have to leave home. It’s virtual. You just saved a fortune on airfare and hotel and tiny shampoo bottles and comfortable shoes that turn out not to be comfortable when you’ve hiked around a conference center for four days in them. Also, you don’t have to wear those Spanx knock-offs from Costco that hold in your fat before you stupidly realize that, DUH, you’re at a genealogy conference. If you can’t let your fat frolic freely at a genealogy conference, where CAN you let it frolic freely? Not that I did that last winter at RootsTech. (I totally did. Because sometimes I’m a boob. In this case, a squished boob.)
  • You don’t have to pick which sessions you can go to. You can go to all of them. ALL OF THEM. You can even keep them and replay them a year from now when you forgot what they said (and you know you will). That’s because you get to download each video session and keep it on your very own computer. There’s no schedule. You just watch them whenever.
  • It’s cheap. If you register by the end of the day tomorrow (Eastern time, I think) using code FALLVCEARLY, you get the whole conference for $149. There are 15 video sessions (not even counting the other stuff). That’s $10 per session (and remember, you get to download and re-watch them). If you can’t get $10 of learning out of each session, you’re probably doing it wrong or something. It’s a bargain. I spent $24 on Diet Coke alone at RootsTech.
  • There’s networking. TONS of networking. I’m not going to lie: The first time I heard about this virtual conference thing, I was like, EYEROLL. Because as I’ve said before, I go to conferences to network, not to learn. I read books to learn. Lectures are not my learning zone at all. So for me, a virtual conference seems pretty worthless. When I worked at Family Tree University, though, I got to attend two of these, and let me tell you…I networked my brains out. There are live chats where you talk to both instructors and fellow attendees. There are message boards where you do the same (plus find out what everyone is wearing—true story). I met people at both of those conferences that I’m totally friends with now. The real shocker for me was that the networking was the best part. Who knew?
  • There’s a swag bag. Because a conference without a swag bag is sucky. Everyone knows that.
  • You get to be part of the future. People always complain that conferences are difficult and expensive to attend. If virtual conferences catch on, there will be more of them. That’s good for everyone. Also, you will impress your kids/grandkids/friends with your future-osity. I’m pretty sure this is how the Jetsons would have learned to find ancestors. Jane Jetson was definitely not flying around in faux Spanx to places where she had to pay $3 for a Diet Coke.

Want to learn more? Check out the Family Tree University Virtual Conference for information. It’s 14-16 September (that’s a Friday through Sunday, and if you work on Fridays, don’t sweat it, because you can download everything you miss). Again, you can save $50 if you register by tomorrow night using code FALLVCEARLY.

Disclaimer: I used to work at Family Tree University, but I don’t anymore. They’re not paying me for this post. In fact, they don’t know about it. If they did, they’d probably tell me not to talk about squished boobs. I’m being paid a small fee to serve as a supermoderator for the conference, which is really just my way of getting in and getting my family to leave me alone for the entire weekend so I can genea-frolic, but please don’t tell them that.  Anyway, I’m not making money from your attendance or non-attendance. I just know how skeptical I was of the value of something like this until I actually attended one, so I know you might be too. But seriously, it’s awesome.

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