Dead People, Dead People, Dead People, SQUIRREL!

4212380812_a008fbbf06_zI’ve been so good. Really.

I’ve been diligently picking away at my research plan for one of my Norwegian lines. I have a DNA cousin who I’m working with to find our connection so she can find her dad, and I’m motivated to be a good citizen. I’ve been impressed with myself for weeks. It was like when you have an apple for dessert instead of ice cream, and you feel all virtuous and stuff.

Here’s what went wrong:

I watched TV.

I saw a guy who sort of looked like my second great-grandfather.

I paused the show, reached for my iPad, and googled my second great-grandfather.

I found a Find a Grave entry for him. Then I found a genealogy blog for the person who “owned” the grave (or “managed” or “reigned over” or whatever the term is…Find a Grave drama continues to blow my mind).

I got all excited, because this blog has enough info that the blogger is probably a cousin. Then I felt a wave of shame as I remembered the state that line’s documents, papers, and photos are in. They’re a mess. I can’t possible have company in those files right now.

I got the files out right then, and started trying to sort through them. Then I remembered that, no, I’m supposed to be working on those Norwegians. I’m supposed to be working the plan. I’m supposed to be a good citizen who eats genea-apples for dessert.

Now I’m working on my whole can’t-have-company-in-my-files problem in general (more on that in another post soon), but in the meantime, I’m curious. Do you work on one line until you come to an appropriate stopping point? What exactly IS an appropriate stopping point…when you run out of money for ordering documents and films, when you hit a brick wall, or what? Would you contact the cousin right now, or wait until you’ve finished the task at hand and/or have your files in order so you can actually share info?

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