Where Would You Go?

2738391972_02a0e22435_zWait. No. Strike that. When would you go?

If you don’t recognize the blue police box above, you’re probably not a Doctor Who fan. It’s the TARDIS. It’s basically a spaceship that allows you to travel through space and time. Now, is there a genealogist alive who hasn’t spent copious amounts of time thinking about how cool it would be to travel through space and time?

I’ve thought long and hard about this, and I know exactly where and when I’ll go if Doctor Who ever shows up. In fact, today’s the day. My great-grandparents were married 100 years ago today in Minneapolis, and I’ve decided that that’s the one date and event that would give me the most bang for my buck. For one thing, there’s a woman who appears in the wedding pictures who is a complete mystery, and I refuse to die until I know who this chick is. For another, I want to know if my great-grandma’s youngest brother was there, because I need to know whether his child was his biological child or a step-kid (not that it matters much, but it would narrow down the search for records I’ve been looking for for years). I’d also like to know whether the groom’s father was present, because that would tell me more about some family dynamics that were…well, complicated. It would also be nice to find out who gave my great-grandparents my beloved clock as a wedding gift.  Finally, I’d take an inventory of every one of the guests, because untangling the Norwegian patronyms of my great-grandmother’s family would be much easier if I could just ask them who they are. I know that’s cheating, but since the TARDIS is unlikely to show up here anytime soon, I don’t feel bad about it.

What genealogy-related date/event would you visit if you had one chance to use time machine? What would you hope to learn?

Photo by Toenex Lacey


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