Is Making Money From Your Blog Still a Thing?

6587951925_169aa0d54f_zI’m in an arm-wrestling match with

The whole thing is stupid. They apparently have my affiliate account set up wrong, and they’ve suspended my account until it’s fixed…but they refuse to fix it. They want me to start a whole new account, to save them the trouble of changing the account from “individual” to “business” (which was how it was supposed to be set up from the beginning). That would mean changing all of the links on my blog. That’s five years worth of stuff. I’m about as delighted as you might expect.

We’ve gone back and forth for weeks on this, but since they only have robots who respond to emails about this sort of thing, you can’t have a real conversation. I miss the days when companies had humans who responded to customers. I’m not sure a real conversation would really help, though, because they’re a whole lot bigger than I am. Even though they’re wrong and this is stupid, I’m wondering whether this is worth the effort. I’m increasingly finding that the trouble it takes to maintain affiliate accounts is greater than the return. Genealogy people tend to read your recommendations and then buy the item without clicking your link anyway, so you don’t even get paid for the effort and expense.

So I’m curious. If you have a genealogy blog, do you still use affiliate links? Do you feel they’re worth the effort? If you’re a non-blogging reader, do you click on people’s affiliate links? Why or why not?

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