BREAKING: Clue Wagon is Now a Dating Website

2604811407_0a9328103f_oEarlier today I received the weekly report from Net Nanny, telling me what inappropriate websites my descendants tried to access over the past seven days. Usually it’s quiz sites, because my nine-year-old is obsessed with quizzes lately. It’s giving me flashbacks to the days when I read Young Miss magazine, and painstakingly check the boxes that told me whether I was a nerd, a sosh, a jock, a rocker, or whatever (Spoiler alert: Nerd. Nerd who grew up to be a genealogist. Duh.).

Check out the list of sites my kids were blocked from this week:



That’s this site. My genealogy blog was blocked for children, because it’s flagged as a dating site. The tagline here is “I like dead people.” Do they think I like to date dead people? Because ewww. Although there’s probably a site out there for people who are all about romancing dead bodies. I won’t be going out looking for it, because seriously, ewww.

I sent an email to the Net Nanny people, asking them to correct this. It’s not like I have a huge following among elementary school kids, but it’s still kind of weird.

Then I realized what this really means: My kids are internet-stalking me. Three times last week, they sat 20 feet away and tried to pull up my website, and they never even mentioned this. When I asked them about it, the oldest said, “We were trying to research our ancestor, and you’re our ancestor.”

That, my friends, is karma. Now I know how the dead people feel.

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