Evernote Market is closing. Here’s why this is good news for genealogists.

veryexpensivesocksI hate stuff that makes my email box fill up.

That’s why I was not delighted when I started getting emails about Evernote’s latest news. They’re shutting down their Evernote Market, effective today.

This is actually a good thing, because the Evernote Market was pretty dumb. They sold pricey stuff with the Evernote logo on it, plus Moleskine notebooks and scanners that were inexplicably way more expensive than the same unit bought elsewhere. My favorite item was the Business Socks. That was their actual name—Business Socks. The five-pack of Business Socks in the photo above sold for $85. For $85, I can get nine Minnesota marriage certificate, PLUS a pair of socks at Target. $85 for five pairs of striped socks is crazy. That’s why the Evernote Market is closing.

The real news here is that Evernote is growing up. Companies that have a lot of early success often do dumb things, like hiring too many people, opening too many offices, and thinking they can get $85 for a five-pack of socks. It’s actually pretty common for organizations to go through this period of adolescence. It’s like middle school, where you do stupid stuff like write “I love Roger Taylor” on every single page of every single textbook that Lemon Grove Junior High issued to you. Not that I admit that I did that.

Some companies never make it out of that dumb adolescent phase, because they fail to make the hard choices required to get back on track. Evernote’s decision is one in a series lately, and it shows that they’re trying to focus on their core business. Their core business is the app. If you’re an Evernote fan like me, and you want this product to continue to exist, this is a very positive development. I was pleased when they cut back on the free stuff last May, and I’m even more pleased to see that they’re shutting down this side business. I want them to focus on what matters, and that’s the app.

The bottom line: Evernote is making tough decisions. That’s what successful companies do. This is good.

Side note: I wrote a book on using Evernote for genealogy. It costs about the same as a single pair of Business Socks, and it’s 240 pages of stuff you can actually use. If you buy the Kindle edition, it’s even cheaper. You should buy it. You can see links to reviews by people you might know here

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