This used to be a blog about job hunting. Now it’s a blog about family history. Wacky, right?

I was in corporate HR for about 14 years. My most recent “real” job was as the head of HR for a small airline. When my airline folded in 2008, I decided to stay home with my small kids and figure out what my next move would be. I was pretty sure my next move wasn’t going to be another mucky-muck corporate job, but just to be sure, I sold all of my suits on eBay, and used my pantyhose to stake my tomato plants.

I started reading blogs while my kids watched Sesame Street. I found that there were a whole bunch of blogs about how to find a job. Some of them gave better advice than others. I was a little bored with Elmo anyway, so I started a blog with lots of job hunting tips. That’s how Clue Wagon was born.

After a year, I felt like I’d said pretty much everything I had to say about job hunting.  I said one more thing, and then I stopped. After a few months, I found that I missed blogging (and I was still bored with Elmo), so I decided to start again…but with a focus on dead people, not living ones. My kids are in school now, and I work on a variety of freelance projects.

My old job hunting posts still get quite a bit of traffic.  In fact, my Tales of the Cluefree series seems to have a bit of a cult following (a really tiny cult that apparently missed the part where you’re supposed to shave your head and give all of your money to the cult leader…but still).  People also still read the Weird Stuff People Type Into Google series.

Here’s where you can find my old job search advice by category:

It’s important to remember that these posts were written in 2009, so things have changed. If you’re looking for more current advice, I recommend Ask a Manager or Evil HR Lady. They’re both awesome.