Some of the links on Clue Wagon are affiliate links.  That means I might get a little bit of money if you click on the link and actually buy something (like a book or a subscription).  The price you pay for that item doesn’t change at all; they just give me a little bit as a referral fee.  For example, if I link to a book on that costs $10, and you buy the book, I might get 30 cents or so.  If you buy the book on your own instead of through my link, you’ll still pay $10, but Amazon will keep the 30 cents instead of giving it to me.  In the case of Amazon, I get a small commission for other stuff you buy in that shopping trip too (so stock up on toilet paper or something!).  Don’t worry, I can’t see who bought what.  I wish I could, because then I’d know who bought that case of chocolate Malt-O-Meal in 2009, and I could befriend them.  Any friend of chocolate Malt-O-Meal is a friend of mine.

I only recommend things I actually use and have paid for myself, with my own money.  I don’t do paid posts/reviews of any kind, and I don’t keep affiliate agreements with any genealogy sites where I don’t have an active, paid subscription at the time of the post.  In fact, if I have a paid subscription but am not happy with the site, I don’t link to those either.  I’m grumpy like that.

I use the money to pay the hosting fees for this site, and if I ever have any left over, I’ll use it to pay the electric bill.  I live in New Mexico, so we need a lot of electricity to run the air conditioner.  So thanks for the electricity!

These are the sites I’m affiliated with:

Backblaze (the online backup service I use and love)

The other way I make money is when people pay me to do stuff.  I do freelance writing, social media stuff, and other project work (some genealogy-related, some related to my old HR career, and some that defies description).  Need somebody to write or do stuff for you?  Email me.